Mario Bucceri, CEO of Bucceri International, watched helplessly as a series of earthquakes devastated his beloved Italy in 2016. An earthquake registering 6.2 on the magnitude scale hit central Italy, and others destroyed the Marche and Umbria regionsAreas as far southeast as Perugia to L’Aquila in the north were affected. The initial earthquake was followed by 2,500 aftershocks from Rimini to Naples. It was the worst natural disaster to strike Italy since the 1980s.

To date, close to 300 people have died, another 400 were seriously injured, and 4,500 are still homeless.

Mr. Bucceri knew he needed to do something significant to make a difference for these and other victims of natural disasters around the world.


September 2020 will mark the first annual ‘Disaster Relief & Rebuild Foundation’ Gala. Public figures; celebrities from the sporting, fashion, music and entertainment industries; and VIP’s from around the globe will be in attendance for this exclusive, by-invitation-only fundraising event. It promises to be an extraordinary evening! 

With an event of this caliber, it is fitting to have it hosted at the prestigious Gotham Hall, located in the heart of New York City. Our guests will be dazzled by the breathtaking 9,000 square-foot grand ballroom and ornate stained-glass skylight in the 70-foot high ceiling.  

As you pass through the unique filigree brass doors and step onto a vast marble floor, you will enter a sophisticated world where the mood will elicit a spirit of generosity and sharing. Our esteemed guests are invited to dine, dance, and enjoy the best in international entertainment.

The purpose of the Gala is to raise funds and awareness for victims of past, present, and future natural disasters. We will also provide our guests with a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable evening!

Individuals, corporations, brands, businesses, and organizations interested in becoming an investor/sponsor of the Global Disaster Relief & Rebuild Foundation may contact us HERE. We welcome preliminary inquiries, general questions, suggestions, introductions, and opportunities.

Tickets are not yet available. 

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Individual: $25,000 per person    ***   Table: $225,000(seating for 10)

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